fiction becoming reality

in a world that I only define as basically present Earth, a substance known as Hex manifests through unknown circumstances on the planet. from there a whole line of events leads to a video game character becoming real and then proceeding to wreck shit to establish a technological utopia. the lore was thought up before the actual character as a passing thought that I thought could make a legitimately good setup. the basic idea was taking a JRPG-esque chaotic jester bastard archetype and placing them into the real world to cause havoc. I have a lot of aesthetics that appeal to me that included, glitchy and corrupted art, huge amounts of advanced technology, bustling nighttime cities, bright neon colors contrasted by dark grays and blacks, reality bending, horror involving impossible physics and proportions, cryptids, and of course, the late 90s to early 2000s period. this is basically putting all of that into 1 medium that represents me, and this is what I meant by using my own writings to satisfy my own interests lol.

the character sona oc thing????

you may wonder, is this a unique character or a sona? well uh... both???? I mean they have their own personality and shit but is also used as a stand-in for myself so just like, eh.

regardless, Mari is, as I said, a literal video game character in a physical form. you know what this means? magic is fucking real. that's what. the character specializes in classic RPG elemental magic that forms into literal bouncy circus balls that glow. their mask acts as their face, and anything can be projected on the darkness behind it. they have a big toothy grin with a big goofy tongue and are highly expressive, going to the point of changing the entire makeup of their face to get a point across. they can shapeshift at will, but this can be easily figured out by striking their mask, as their mask is the source of their form and therefore a weak point. their form can morph into the mask, which also allows them to go "inactive" at this moment to heal and process situations. although only the mask is truly able to be damaged, they do have "blood" for cuts on the mask or body. underneath the mask lies a hole in reality also made from the "blood". the best reference I can give for a voice is this tweet. more information can be seen on this character bio. ref made by @snorse3 on Twitter.

as I said before, this culminates many aesthetic pleasures into 1 singular characters, since repeating the general aesthetics would be redundant, some more specific points of inspiration would be 1st, video game jester villains as a general concept. god I love these guys. they're goofy, funny, chaotic, crazy, and menacing. they're an encompassing threat that knows hows to have fun.

if the 2nd point of inspiration isn't obvious what is wrong with you it's literally right there. it's FNAF, it's Nightmarionne FNAF, he's my favorite fucking character from there, he's literally on the home page you saw him he's a little pet and he's great. I love him. spindly motherfucker that's tall and weird and creepy and god yes.

as you can see the idea was basically "what if I put these things together and also project". it all ended up with this lovable agent of shittery. a true force of destruction. a menace to society. other combination of words that mean that they are evil bad little thing that do funny evil and so on.

now please ask me what would you do if you met me Mari irl and I decided to fuck around with you hmmm? hmmm? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

the city dream

Mari's main goal is to take control of the Earth, become "royalty" in a figurative sense, and transform everything into an eternal technological cityscape that is immortal as they are. they dub it Insomniopolis. it's run completely by energy, is always in night, and has a giant eye watching over it for Mari's use. in their dream rule they would be very hands off in governing due to their malice towards authority. only ever interfering when necessary, which mostly means punishing what they deem to be vile actions. the technology in the city is incredibly advanced and rapidly innovates, creating a cyberpunk kind of situation. the city technically doesn't exist until Mari makes it exist, which is when they have a grip over any area of civilization.

I said I like bright neon future cities, so I made a bright neon future city for the plot. simple as that. it didn't start as a character thing, I made it trying to simulate a sort of Andrew Hussie kind of collage style, but then I thought it fit in pretty well so yeah it's a thing.

mysterious material

Mari is made of and came from a material known as Hex. the objects are usually cubical, but can morph into technological devices to supercharge their production, they can also be used to create objects by those who can manipulate it, like Mari. Mari's abilities over it mean not only this, but infection and control of technology. Mari can also use it to view out of screens and cameras, which is where that giant eye comes from.

McGuffin item needed, McGuffin item created. simple as that. if you've got an eye for shitty video games you know this is mostly based of off all the cubes from Null Space in Sonic Forces because Null Space is a criminally missed opportunity. fuck you Sonic.