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greetings.my funny little face.

my name is Mari. it seems you've washed up here in the vast ocean of teh interwebs. why don't you stay awhile, take a seat, grab a drink, and now let me overexplain literally everything ever. I wouldn't really consider this a "WIP", because it honestly just grows as I want it. I guess that just means expect more sometimes, lol.

"who the hell are you?"dat me.

well I JUST SAID my name is Mari but ok man.


my name is Mari, short for Mari Marvelous, also short for ReturnOfTheMari. my gender is death with a hint of they/them. my birthday is 11/21/2003. my favorite color is electric violet. I'm tall, I crush your balls, I deck the hall, etc. on the side is a picture of me.

"that's not you that's a drawing!"

shut the up, that's me that's how I represent myself deal with it right now. although it is pretty uh, simple, I guess you could say. not to worry, I have a thing that I did not even make because I draw like ass. what, you thought this was pen on tablet? it's pure lines, dingus.

with all that meandering out of the way, enjoy your stay.

some social media notes

I exist on...

Discord logo.Discord (ReturnOfTheMari#1185)

Twitter logo.Twitter





MS Paint Fan Adventures

I use Discord and Twitter to talk shit, same for Reddit but not as much. DA's for my creative shit. I barely use my YouTube but I need you to see it to gaze upon the glory of Adam Adventures. GameBanana and MSPFA are simply to CONSOOM CONTENT.

I don't have a DNI list, for I've learned that terrible people are gonna burst onto my space no matter what, so if you're a shitty douchebag, hi how are you.

for any Twitter mutuals or followers who need me to tag some shit or something similar, you can just shoot me a dm, I don't mind.

And that's pretty much it, you can poke around with all the... Wait, there's no other pages here. Well I guess that's what the update log is for let's go!!!!!

Update Log

2/28/2021: Created home page.

3/6/2021: Touched up some alignments. Goku 404.

3/7/2021: Added sidebar and moved certain elements there. Goku 404 now has music. Extra images.

3/12/2021: Added Writings page, no actual subpages yet so you just get Goku.

3/22/2021: Added Mari section to the Writings page, also rearranged some stuff there.

4/26/2021: Added Adam section to the Writings page, edited YouTube embed on Mari section.